A week ago, we set up a little corner at the Love Malaysia bazaar to share a little awareness on how awesome cold shoulder clothing is.


We shared our little booth with a sweet cupcake maker and look at how cute our place was:

bazaar table


Thank you to all that came to visit and supported us on that day. It was super exciting and our short sleeved cold shoulder shirt ran out on that day. Looks like we’ll need to stock up on more shirts soon!


Do follow us on our social media accounts (Instagram / Facebook / Twitter) to find out where and when we’ll be next! Till then, have a great weekend everyone!

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Exciting news!

Hi there you cold shoulder lovers!


We know that we haven’t been updating our blog as much but that’s because we’re planning to put up a gallery page on the website! Just so, you know, it could work as a quick fix for days when you don’t know what to wear or absolutely have NOTHING to wear and also, you could all stare and fall in love with more designs each week!


So yeah, thank us later! Xo 🙂

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“Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall” – Ray Brandbury


Snoozing that alarm clock over and over again in the mornings. Coming home from work and crying your eyes out because you have to go through it all again the next day. We’re surprised by how many people go through this each day. And continue to do so!


Sometimes we are stuck at where we are. We can’t decide if we should take a new leap and try something new / different because (insert justification here). The struggle to balance work and life commitments is real. What you’re currently doing works. Everyone feels most comfortable in a known territory. But are you happy? And then something changes and forces you to get out of our comfort zone and then it all becomes even more too crazy to handle.


Yes, we all know that changes are scary but they are inevitable. But fret not; we are most of the time able to control the outcome and we will be able to survive because we each have our own “wings” and we’ll figure out how to use them when we do.


So yes, our dear lovely fans-of-cold-shoulder-clothes friends, if there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, there is no better time to do it than now. Don’t wait for something unexpected to happen only then do you go chasing your dreams. Just jump and show them cold shoulder “wings” off and be happy.


Go ahead and tell us what is it you have always wanted to do and why haven’t you done it (what’s holding you back?) in the comments section below and we will be behind you all the way!


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The one and only denim shirt you’ll ever need

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Worried that you keep wearing the same outfit over and over that people will start to notice you don’t have anything else to wear? Well, you’re right if you keep pairing the same top with the same bottom each time.


Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here is an awesome piece of cold shoulder denim shirt complete with little bead and embroidery details:

denim shirt


And here are a few looks you can achieve with this shirt:

denim and black pants

With a pair of long black pants. And you only need a pair of black pants to really go with any type of top but you’ll be surprised at how many pairs of black pants one would own. Are you one of those people? The ones that buy black pants in every shape / design / cut because you couldn’t picture other coloured pants with anything you own? If yes, then you have come to the right place on how to do the reverse – pairing 1 top with multiple types of bottoms!


Denim on denim

Denim on denim. With heels please!


denim+skirt leggings

With skirt leggings. Since this top is complete with little details, you could pair it with a pair of skirt leggings to achieve a more feminine look.


denim and shorts

With shorts – One of our favourite looks! Who doesn’t like comfortable and chic. Pair this look with a pair of wedges and a clutch bag and you’re all ready to conquer the weekend!


Oh, and if you do run out of bottoms to pair the denim shirt with, you can use the shirt as an outer layer on top of a thin top. How awesome is that?! *taps forehead* good thinking, huh?


**A little reminder not to pair a denim shirt with too many colours. Remember now – 50% neutral colours; 50% confidence works every single time! Have fun creating new looks now!

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Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas



We all know that feeling when we are so overwhelmed with everything going on in our lives that we just seem to forget little special occasions that we don’t pen down because it’s known worldwide and we’ll somehow realise it because everyone around us will be talking about it during that period like Valentine’s Day or Earth Day or something as significant as Father’s Day! When you thought, “Oh, that’s in like 2 weeks. I’ll get something nearer to the date” and then it creeps up on you and Father’s Day is in fact 3 days away!

The great news is that it’s still not too late to get your dad a gift. Trust us (and our little fairies agree with us on this), we understand that it’s always a headache thinking of what gifts to get for men. What we’re trying to say is that you don’t have to give your dad the cold shoulder on his special day because we have come up with some last minute ideas on what to spoil your dad(s) with for Father’s Day 2016:


1) Father’s day movie!
Spending time with him or as a family just watching his favourite movie at home or get tickets to a movie he has been wanting to catch. It’s daddy’s day now, so yes, it’s YOUR turn to pop the popcorn!


2) Father’s day breakfast
It’s always important to have breakfast to start the day right. You could try (and we did say ‘try’. Remember, A+ for effort) preparing breakfast with tons of father’s day recipes online and hey, if all else fails; take him to a nice restaurant for lunch / dinner. All men love a good meal!


3) Father’s day subscription boxes
Luckily in this age and time, there are subscription boxes for men online. Boxes filled with shirts, shoes, neck ties, deodorant etc. all sorted out for your dad. Some even arrive the next day! Hassle-free. Just google “subscription boxes for men” and you’ll see what we mean.



We hope the above helps you in some way and that you have a great day celebrating your dad(s).

And if you think the subscription model is awesome, try purchasing some cold shoulder tops or dresses next for yourself and / or the women in your life at Gift others and gift yourself. Just be happy!

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5 Reminders To Look Good This Summer

Bring out the sunnies and the sundresses! It’s summer!


To look good all summer, we have come up with 5 main reminders that might help:


Tip #1: Drink lots of water

Booooo!!! We all know how boring water is and the fruit juices and smoothies look way more tempting. But it is a known fact that drinking lots of water helps to keep us all hydrated and it leads to healthy skin – which is what all of us strive to have especially if we want to look good in those summer dresses. And speaking of having healthy skin…..


Tip #2: Use a really good sunscreen

It’s really nice outside but the direct UV rays will harm our skin in the long-run especially if we spend most of our time outdoors. Don’t be lazy; find yourself a good sunscreen and apply it all over your face and body before you head out each day.


Tip #3: We want to say workout but laying on the beach works too

Lots of us have so much going on in our lives that we can’t seem to find the time to exercise. It really is important but we think that having a calm and peaceful mind is just as important. So we’re going to list this tip as “don’t stress”. For those that are motivated to exercise – hey, good for you! Exercising helps to clear your mind but if you aren’t a fan of areas filled with sweaty creatures, then take a slow walk around your neighbourhood or have a coffee break and just people watch. Having a clear mind and not stressing will lead to a happier state and in turn will show in your little glow off your face.


Tip #4: Get a haircut

Always wondered how you’d look with shorter hair? Now is a great time to do it. With the heatwave going on, having short hair is cooler and definitely more chic for the summer. A long or short bob are our all-time go-to hairstyle. If you’re still not quite certain with shorter hair, then just get that mane trimmed and keep your hair healthy from split ends.


Tip #5: Wear pretty (and) comfortable clothes

Everyone feels their best when they are comfortable. One of our favourites (of course) is the cold shoulder design! It helps to show off your awesome tan on your shoulders while hiding parts of your arms that you couldn’t get toned in time for summer.


If you think that the above tips might be of help to someone, go ahead and share this post and share with us YOUR tips in the comments section below. Be happy and stay happy!


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Cold Shoulder Meaning

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What is a cold shoulder design? Ok, we know many have been wondering what it really is and when they finally find out what it is on Google, they’re like, “oh, how many cold shoulder clothes can one own? It’s just the same design over!”.

Well, HOW MANY T-SHIRTS CAN YOU OWN?! It’s the same with all of the other designs – you own a few pairs of jeans; a few short sleeve blouses that vary from prints or a little bow on the side. Whatever it is, cold shoulder designs do have their own little variations too.

But maybe we should start explaining a little on what it is because we got so carried away being all defensive up there about this awesome design. Cold shoulder designs are whereby there are cut-out sections at the shoulders. This design gives you a chance to show them sexy shoulders and then the flabby parts of your arms are covered. Awesome, huh? The cut-out sections / holes may vary depending on the mood of the designer of that particular top / dress. The more angry he / she is, the bigger the holes are. Just kidding.

Jokes aside, do take a while to browse photos of cold shoulder designs online. We know that ASOS, ZARA and many brands do have the cold shoulder designs as well but we have almost all types of cold shoulder designs from cold shoulder tops; cold shoulder jumpsuits; cold shoulder dresses and many more in different colours i.e. grey, white, black and oh, black and white (of course not! Did you think we were that dark?! We have some awesome shocking pink too!) that we personally source and handpick for your awesome wardrobe.

Once you’re done browsing photos of this design online, please do buy some cold shoulder clothes from us. It’d help us feed the elves that are helping us out during the super off-peak Christmas period.

Welcome to (and oh, if you need to know the other cold shoulder meaning, you could always listen to Adele’s Cold Shoulder song or well, Google we guess). All smiles now! Gift yourself! Just be happy!

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